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DLJMM purpose is to help more and more business experience financial well-being.

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Mortgage Loan Process and how it Work?

Once you submit all supporting paperwork, your loan will enter the underwriting process. The lender will check to make sure you have the credit and income to repay the loan and confirm other aspects of your application.
The lender will also verify your down payment and funds for closing. The underwriting agent will confirm the source of large deposits in your account and confirm that you have cash reserves. Many lenders require savings of at least two to three times your monthly mortgage amount in reserve to complete the underwriting process.
During the mortgage application process, the bank will order an appraisal of the home. They want to make sure its value exceeds the amount of the mortgage loan. You may also want to have a home inspector evaluate the property before you move forward with the purchase. Some mortgages, such as FHA loans, require the borrower to get a home inspection.
Three days before the scheduled closing date of your mortgage, the lender must provide the closing disclosure. This legal document provides the final terms of the loan as well as the total closing costs. If the disclosure meets your expectations, you make your down payment and closing costs at settlement, where you receive your keys and take ownership of your new home.

Credit Cards

Do you know your credit score?

Great credit scores are within your reach, and DLJMM Financial
Services, LLC credit monitoring partner, MyFreeScoreNow, is here to help you! Monitor, learn about, and manage your credit score with our credit monitoring service today.

Dollar Bills

Ways to get approved!

  • Funding solutions tailored for small business

  • Payroll Expenses

  • Business expansion

  •  Purchase new equipment/pay down current

  • Funding solutions tailored for small business equipment

  • Marketing

  • Updated Technology

  • The pre-approval process

  • Here is some suggestion in order to get approved for the business loan

  •  Business must be at least 6 month in business (limited Business funding)

  •  For all business loan products at least 2 years



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